Israeli shoots dead a resident of an Arab village in the West Bank

The confrontation between Arabs and Israelis regularly leads to deadly incidents.

Jewish settler in the West Bank of the Euphrates River mortally wounds a 27-year-old Palestinian Motkal Rayyan during one of the interethnic skirmishes. Incident took place in the village of Karavat Bani Hassan.

According to the Palestinian side, a group of settlers, one of whom turned out to be armed, arrived with an unknown purpose in the settlement, and a shot was fired in the ensuing conflict. At the same time, the Israeli side did not provide its interpretation of the events.

The military arrived on the scene shortly after the clash and used measures to disperse the riots, including firing into the air. The security forces know that the Palestinian was killed as a result of a gunshot wound, but no further information was provided.

The police launched an investigation into the incident. Also today from the Gaza Strip towards Israel released missile, but it was intercepted and, according to the military, did not cause any damage. Sirens sounded in border communities, forcing civilians to seek shelter.

At the same time, the number of Palestinian-Israeli clashes is increasing every day. The situation began to worsen even more after the formation of a right-wing government coalition.


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