Israeli anti-vaccine activist dies of COVID-19


    Israeli activist Hai Shulian, who opposed vaccinations and the need to wear masks, died of the coronavirus, Israeli TV Channel 13 reports.

    According to the TV channel, the activist passed away earlier this week. The channel also released a video of the activist lying in bed with a tube near his nose and saying that he has a coronavirus.

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    “If I take out this oxygen and try to walk three meters, I faint. I choke. Continue the fight of the demonstrations,” he says.

    “We were vaccinated with the whole family, he chose not to be vaccinated. We tried to talk to him. He was firm in his belief that in a democratic country everyone has the opportunity to choose their own path. And this is the path he chose,” interview with the TV channel activist’s sister. She added that the activist died “the worst death imaginable, alone, without a family, although he was a family man, without his children, mother, brothers, and sisters, alone, excuse me, like a dog.”

    Mass vaccination of the population against COVID-19 began in Israel on December 20 last year. Citizens of the country are vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. On January 10, the vaccinated began to receive the second dose. Vaccination of adolescents 12-15 years old in Israel started in early June. To date, more than 5.5 million people have received both doses, with more than 2.9 million in the third.

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