Israel sold the Magic Wand missile defense system to Finland for 317 million euros

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The Israeli Ministry of Defense has signed an agreement to sell the Magic Wand air defense system to Finland for 317 million euros (1.3 billion shekels). The message is reported by the press service of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

“Director General Eyal Zamir signed a ‘historic agreement’ at the ministry’s headquarters,” it says in the message. The David’s Sling, manufactured by Rafael, is capable of intercepting rockets and missiles at ranges of 40-300 kilometers (25-185 miles). The system has been operating in Israel since 2017. It includes the short-range Iron Dome and the upper-level Strela systems, which are designed to defeat long-range ballistic missiles. The creators promise that in the future the system will be capable of intercepting aircraft.

In August, the Jewish State Ministry of Defense reported that the United States approved the sale to Finland of the David’s Sling missile defense system, developed in Israel by Rafael together with American specialists. At the same time, the department’s press service indicated that the modification of “David’s Sling” for delivery to Helsinki would be finalized with the participation of Finnish specialists and would be integrated into the Finnish command and control system.


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