ISI Suspect Sarfaraz Menon Has Had Four Marriages And Hong Kong Remains In China

Indore: Security agencies have taken major action in Indore (Indore ISI Suspect) after the input received from NIA. Along with this, the eyes of security agencies have again come to Indore. The mail received by the security agency has once again created a sensation. From this mail, the police got information about the suspect Sarfaraz Memon’s association with the ISI organization. After this, various investigative agencies of the country are engaged in questioning the suspect Sarfaraz in custody. At the same time, many entries of China and Hong Kong have been found in Sarfaraz’s passport. On the basis of which the inquiry is being done.

In fact, Intelligence DCP Rajat Saklecha said that the Indore Police had received inputs from the Mumbai Police Control Room and the NIA. Suspected Sarfaraz Memon resident of Chandan Nagar Green Park is a suspected terrorist of ISISI. On the basis of this information, Indore Intelligence inquired. All the documents of the suspect have been scrutinized, on the basis of which the police is probing.

According to Intelligence DCP Rajat Saklecha, he could be a suspect. May be associated with any terrorist organization. Apart from this, no points have been found so far. Although many entries of China and Hong Kong have been found in the passport. On the basis of which the inquiry is being done. At the same time, the police is now extracting information from the passport office. Along with this, the police will now also verify that there is truth in the place where he stayed in Hong Kong-China and the work he was doing.

According to the DCP, the suspect Sarfaraz has lived in Hong Kong and China for 12 years. But India has been coming in between. Police have also received information that Sarfaraz knows Chinese, Hindi and English languages ​​better. The surprising thing is that Sarfaraz has studied only till the fifth standard.

In police interrogation, Sarfaraz told that he was married to a Chinese woman. After this there was a dispute with his lawyer. This wrong information has been given against him by the lawyer. However, expressing seriousness in this matter also, the police have taken it into the investigation. At present, the police is now investigating that from where this sensational mail of complaint has come.

According to the Intelligence DCP, some family members of the suspect live in Kuwait. But the information about the rest of the family has been found to be living in India only. According to the police, the suspect has given the names of several restaurants in Hong Kong and China where he used to work. According to the police, the suspect had visited India once in 2018. Then did some work of restaurant and mobile. Apart from this, Sarfaraz has been doing the business of oil, clothes and medicines till now. At present, the matter of working as an employee on a medical has come to the fore.

The young man has married four

At the same time, it has come to light during interrogation that he has done four marriages. He has told the investigating agencies that he has been divorced from three. Police is investigating all the information. However, the accused says that his lawyer has given wrong information to the investigating agencies.
Sanjay Kumar’s report from Indore
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