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Is the contribution shock coming? Statutory health insurance funds are missing up to 25 billion euros


For months, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has been announcing an urgently needed draft law to stabilize health and long-term care insurance funding, which has not yet taken place. Due to deficits in the billions, citizens are threatened with significant increases in contributions. The DAK board speaks of an impending “contribution tsunami”.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has announced several times since the beginning of his term of office that health insurance contributions will have to be increased in order to restructure the statutory health insurance system. However, this has not yet happened within the framework of a required legal notice to date. The insured are therefore still uncertain about the additional financial burdens they will have to reckon with in the coming year.

Billion deficit of the health and nursing care funds: consumer advocates call for fair cost sharing

Billion deficit of the health and nursing care funds: consumer advocates call for fair cost sharing

In the previous estimates, a total of around 17 billion euros is currently required to provide financial security for the cash registers. According to an article in the picture However, this billion gap will still increase because of the inflation that is manifesting itself. This is driving “the purchase prices for medical practices and hospitals” upwards. In addition, the “prospects for the labor market in autumn 2022” are anything but rosy, which in turn could have a negative impact on the planned contribution payments. Günther Neubauer from the Institute for Health Economics now titled, according to calculations on behalf of Picture, the expected deficit to the feared 25 billion euros, an increase of at least 8 billion euros. Therefore, taking into account the data used, the following results:

“According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, 7.3 billion euros will be missing by the end of 2024. Reasons: 4 billion euros in additional costs due to Corona, 3.3 billion euros in lost contributions from insured persons who care for their relatives.”

GKV Vice Gernot Kiefer commented on the picture with the fear: “If the federal government does not fill this gap, the contribution will have to increase by 0.35 points”. the picture calculated possible net increases:

“Average earners face premium increases of EUR 455.16, top earners EUR 537.02 more per year.”

Andreas Storm from the board of directors of DAK-Gesundheit addresses these new figures to the Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach:

“Together with the Federal Minister of Finance, Lauterbach now has to answer the question of whether and how he intends to prevent the looming premium tsunami from the 70 million insured.”

Referring to Lauterbach’s announcement in March that it would provide health insurance companies and insured persons with binding information in a timely manner, Storm remarked in the picture-Article:

“We’ve been waiting for this announced draft law for three months now. If it isn’t presented before the summer break, there won’t be enough time before the health insurance funds draw up their budgets in the fall. We need planning security for that!”

The CDU health expert Erwin Rüddel remarked to the picture: “The contributors now have to pay for the fact that Lauterbach has not delivered any reforms and has not provided a statutory health insurance financing law for months.” Properly appropriate, symbolically pinned, Lauterbach reported on June 10 via his Twitter profile:

“Here I am (…) stuck in the elevator, which suddenly dropped 1 meter …”

on picture-Demand for the latest figures and missing bills was therefore quite succinct and non-binding from the responsible Lauterbach Ministry, the law would be “advised within the government”, without naming an exact time.

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