IS claims responsibility for attack in Kabul


    The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS; banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the attack, which wounded 22 people in the Afghan capital Kabul. IS posted a message about this in one of the messengers. According to eyewitnesses, the bomb exploded in the western district of the city of Kabul, where members of the Shiite minority Muslim community regularly meet.

    Video posted online shows ambulances rushing to the scene, which is also near bus stations. A representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Taliban (members of the Taliban movement, recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation), said that an investigation team was at the scene of the explosion. No militant group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, Reuters reports.

    The attack took place on the eve of Ashura, a rite associated with the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Syed Kazum Khojat, a Shia religious scholar in Kabul, said the Taliban government has stepped up security ahead of Ashura.

    ISIS does not control any territory in Afghanistan, but it has sleeper cells that target religious minorities in the country as well as Taliban patrols, Reuters reported.

    Maria Fedotova


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