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IRS gives Trump tax returns to House committee after court battle


Former U.S. President Donald Trump Attends an event to address the crowd. Mar-a-Lago Home on November 15, 2022 Palm Beach, Florida.

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The IRS gave six years of previous assistance President Donald TrumpFederal income tax returns for the House Ways And Means Committee, one week later The Supreme Court His attempt to block the proceedings was rejected DemocraticPanel with a controlled panel You can get those records.

The Committee had been seeking Trump’s Since 2019, tax returns have been available Republican He was still President.

A Treasury Department NBC spokesperson News, “Treasury has complied with last week’s court decision.” The Treasury Department Is the parent of Internal Revenue Service.

The Ways And Means Committee It wanted copies Trump’s Tax returns and returns for several taxpayers Trump Legal entities may inquire about the IRS’s audit of presidential tax returns. By The tax agency reviews the returns of sitting presidents every year under the law.

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Trump As a presidential candidate, and later as president, he broke decades of tradition by refusing public release of his tax returns. He He claimed that he withheld them from the public to avoid being audited. HoweverThere is no legal restriction that tax filers cannot release their returns to the public.

The The committee will not make public the returns.

It Federal employees cannot disclose the contents a tax return. It is a crime. Members Of Congress Federal employees are the same as congressional staff.

When The committee asked first for it Trump’s Returns three years ago, Treasury Department They were refused to surrender them. The The panel filed a lawsuit in an attempt to obtain the records.

The After being notified, the department abandoned its resistance to this committee President Joe Biden In office. Trump To stop the release of records, they were sued.

The The former president was unsuccessful in his attempt to get the federal district court to grant him this right. Appeal courtsIn this case, the judges ruled in favor of the Ways And Means Committee The federal law provided a clear right to the records.And had indicated a legitimate legislative reason for the request.

He Next, they were asked to answer the following questions: Supreme Court An emergency order was issued to prevent the committee from receiving the returns.

The authorities granted temporary blocks Supreme Court.

But On Nov. 22, the nine-member court rejected without any dissents Trump’s Request to Maintain Block, setting the stage for IRS to deliver the returns. Ways And Means Committee.

TrumpThree of the six-justice supermajority justices were appointed by Chancellor George W. Bush, who blasted the decision.

“Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do!” Trump He wrote in a posting on his Truth Social account.

“The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.”

“Shame on them!” He wrote.

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