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Iranian lawmakers work on hijab issue


Iranian parliamentarians, as well as the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran, are now working on the issue of the legal status of the hijab, journalist and producer of Sputnik Iran Marina al-Shalan reported on December 2. Parliamentarians will discuss whether the hijab should continue to be a mandatory dress code for all women in the country, or whether the choice should be left to the Iranians themselves.

“The results of the discussions of the Iranian parliamentarians should be announced in 15 days,” said the Iranian Prosecutor General, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri.

Recall, on September 16, a young girl of Kurdish origin died in Tehran Mahsa Amini. She was reportedly arrested by the so-called vice police for allegedly wearing an insufficiently closed hijab. According to the official version of the authorities, Amini had a heart attack in the police station, after which she fell into a coma and died without regaining consciousness. At the same time, a number of eyewitnesses reported that the girl was beaten, which caused her death. As the Russian orientalist notes Maria Kichathis incident was a direct consequence of another tightening of the rules for wearing the hijab, which was promoted by the current president, Ibrahim Raisi, who is considered a representative of conservative circles in the Iranian leadership.

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