According to the information, has issued this warrant against Trump regarding the death of General Qasim Sulemani.

Iran has issued arrest warrant against President . According to ‘Rudaw English’, Iran has also sought help in this regard from the headquarters. Tehran was asked to call to assist him in taking the US President and others involved in the case into custody.

According to the information, Iran has issued this warrant against Trump regarding the death of General Qasim Sulemani. In fact, Iran’s top general Qasim Sulemani was killed in a drone attack near Baghdad International Airport earlier this year.

Iran may have issued an arrest warrant against Trump, but according to the news agency Associated Press, he currently has no threat of arrest.

Tehran’s prosecutor Ali-al-Qasimhar was quoted by news agency ISNA as saying that in the arrest warrant there are 30 other names besides the trump. Iran admits that all these people are involved in the conduct of a drone strike conducted on January 3 in which Jan Sulemani was killed. Those against whom the warrant has been issued are accused of ‘promoting murder and terrorism’.

According to news from the semi-governmental dialogue agency ISN, Alkasimer did not identify anyone other than Trump. But insisted that Iran would continue prosecution even after Trump’s term ended.

Interpol, based in Leon, France, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It is unlikely that Interpol will accept Iran’s request because according to its guidelines it cannot interfere in matters of a “political nature”.

In such a situation, experts in international affairs are seeing this as a call to increase tension between the two countries. Tensions between the two countries increased again after Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and the world’s major powers.