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Investors will be offered to invest in long-term construction

Investors will be offered to invest in long-term construction

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They want to extend the possibility of concluding concession agreements to objects of construction in progress, and investors who have invested in road construction will be allowed to use sand and gravel in areas adjacent to roads without competition. Such bill No. 83061-8 was adopted by the State Duma in the first reading on June 14.

Recall that a concession agreement is an agreement under which an investor creates or reconstructs an infrastructure or other object and gets the opportunity to operate it. Moreover, the property remains in state or municipal ownership. For example, it can be a public road or a water utility.

Ilya Torosov, First Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Economic Development, explained that the bill introduces new concepts, for example, a minimum guaranteed income. The document also clarifies the provisions on reimbursement to concessionaires of their expenses. In addition, it will be possible to compensate for the costs of preparing proposals for concluding a concession agreement if the company does not win the tender. The wording of the bill will make it possible to implement social projects within the framework of the concession, Torosov noted.

“Along with the standard competition procedure, the bill introduces its electronic farm, which makes it possible to increase the transparency of competition procedures, removes territorial restrictions on holding competitions and the administrative burden on the authorities,” he said.

It will also be possible to use adjacent subsoil plots in the construction of roads under a concession agreement without holding a tender or auction. Private investors will be able to use the sand and gravel mined on the plots of land adjacent to the highways.

Deputy Sergei Altukhov added that it would also be possible to conclude concession agreements in respect of construction in progress. The innovation will help solve the problem with long-term construction, the deputy believes.

At the same time, the bill introduces more stringent requirements for companies that can apply for a concession agreement. According to Altukhov, the deputies proposed to finalize the bill for the second reading.

In his opinion, in general, the initiative should improve the mechanism of public-private partnership in the implementation of large infrastructure projects with the participation of private capital and attract more money from private investors.

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