Afghans who have helped America since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, want to leave the country by any means. Afghan interpreter Aman Khalili, who in 2008 helped then-Senate Joe Biden in the countryside of Afghanistan, has managed to leave Afghanistan.

In 2008, a storm caused a military helicopter carrying Biden and several US lawmakers to land in an icy valley. This was an area where Biden could be attacked.

Aman Khalili has now been shifted to a safe place. Since the month of August, Khalili was appealing for help for the visa. On October 11, a US State Department official told BBC News that Khalili and his family had been safely evacuated from Afghanistan. He first left Afghanistan and reached Pakistan and then traveled further.

While talking to the media, Khalili has said that I trust Joe Biden. I am sure he can do everything.

When asked about Khalili’s condition in September, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she had thanked many of my favorite people for getting them out of the snow storm and all they did. He said the US was committed to getting its allies out of Afghanistan.

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