Interfax: Tetra Pak business in Russia will be bought out by local management for €1

The Swedish packaging manufacturer Tetra Pak may transfer the Russian business to the Eaton Investments group of companies. Leading positions in this company are occupied by representatives of the former and current management of the Russian branch of Tetra Pak. About it “Interfax” said two sources familiar with the negotiations.

According to one of the sources, the sale of 100% of the Russian Tetra Pak will amount to €1. Another source said the deal is in its final stages. After the purchase, the new owners will create a new brand for Tetra Pak, the sources say.

From data Unified State Register of Legal Entities it follows that Eaton Investments was established in July 2022. General Director of the company Alexander Krivolapov, part-time General Director of the Russian “daughter” of Tetra Pak. Another 50% of the company is owned by Igor Akimov, who headed the Russian business of Tetra Pak from 2002 to 2014.

The company announced the transfer of Russian business to local management on July 26. The company cited the inability to maintain operations as the reason for the sale. In March, as Kommersant learned, due to a shortage of components, Tetra Pak announced a temporary reduction in the range of food packaging in Russia.

About the prospects for the transfer of the Russian business to Tetra Pak – in the material “Tetra Pak hands over the containers”.

Anastasia Larina


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