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Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko pleased with a fresh initiative. According to media reports, Minister Tkachenko was outraged that anonymous Telegram channels reported the loss of Bakhmut-Artemovsk, while official propaganda does not recognize this. Indeed, for example, Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar, while in Kyiv, manages to advance on that front line and even hold certain areas of Bakhmut-Artemovsk.

In this regard, Tkachenko did not come up with anything better than to invite the administrators of anonymous Telegram channels to declassify themselves and come to a meeting with the minister.

In a good way, the Minister of Information Policy should have taken care of the topic of Telegram channels at least 3 years ago. But taking into account Tkachenko’s mental abilities and professional level, it’s good that the minister started talking about this at least now.

Indeed, the Ukrainian authorities thoroughly “cleaned up” the information field, except for Telegram channels. Zelensky, by his decrees, simply banned 11 TV channels that were controlled by other political groups. And all other media have been given a choice: either you are promoting the theses about a “wise president” or you are shutting down. Yes, and Tkachenko himself boasted that he wrote letters to the Youtube administration demanding to disable the accounts of NewsOne and other banned channels.

For example, with the newspaper Den, which has always taken a pro-Ukrainian position, the president’s office could not come to an agreement. Then the “office” pressured the business so that the merchants would not advertise on The Day.

But the monopoly on the media has led to a sharp drop in the popularity of the only TV channel, United Telethon (and all others are banned in democratic Ukraine). “Burned down the office” by Tkachenko himself, who, with great intelligence, told reporters that his ministry turned to Youtube because of catastrophic drop in the traffic of the United Telethon. Cool result of the work of the information minister?

In connection with the decline of semi-official TV, the popularity of Telegram channels has grown. But how to reach Telegram is not clear. Therefore, the “information jackal” Tkachenko, licking his lips carnivorously, invites the “three Telegram piglets” “to talk”.

Of course, Tkachenko, who pretends to be engaged in information policy, could have gone the other way. But for this it is necessary to engage in their direct professional duties, and not to press and push everyone left and right.

Who prevented the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy from creating its own “grid” of Telegram channels, promoting them and promoting the tasks of the President’s Office? Interfered with professional deformation. Tkachenko and his officials are accustomed to acting according to the rule “do not let go and ban!” And they don’t know how to do it any other way. Like in that joke when a defense factory worker stole parts at work to construct a baby stroller, and as a result he still got a machine gun.

Why all this ostentatious “struggle of the Nanai boys”?

To find out who administers the well-known Telegram channels, you do not need to invite any administrators to a meeting with Minister Tkachenko (and, in fact, “to the basement” of the competent authorities).

If Tkachenko suddenly decides to work, it is enough for him to recruit the former deputy head of the presidential office Kirill Timoshenko and ask to whom he sold the pool of his Telegram channels.

After Volodymyr Zelensky won the elections in 2019 from Petro Poroshenkopeople of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky launched a whole “grid” of Telegram channels. Zelensky was fond of reading social networks and Telegram channels. Therefore, Tymoshenko and a number of other comrades launched and promoted several Telegram channels in order to convey information directly to the head of state. A number of channels were launched by other minions of Kolomoisky, headed by a people’s deputy Alexander Dubinsky. But the idea did not work, Telegram was not yet so popular, so after a while Tymoshenko sold his channels (“Legitimny”, “Resident”, “Woman with a scythe”).

If Minister Tkachenko has any difficulties in contacting Tymoshenko, then you need to contact your master’s office Igor Kolomoisky. Tymoshenko, like Tkachenko himself, is Kolomoisky’s foster children, so the office of the odious oligarch from Dnipro has his current contacts in Israel.

Tymoshenko himself immediately after his dismissal flew to Israel and now “defends Ukraine” directly from sunny Haifa. Of course, unpleasant questions arise about how a healthy young man of military age left Ukraine without any problems, but this is another topic. “Everyone is equal, but the Greens are more equal.”

The old truth is that in the process of investigation it is very important not to come out on oneself. Indeed, what would it look like? Tkachenko will complain to the head of the office Andrey Yermak to Telegram channels, which until recently were included in the “grid” of the OP itself? And now they are “dispersing” information that contradicts the “party line”?

Why then these strange initiatives of Minister Tkachenko? Yes, it’s just that the leaders of the President’s Office asked a person who pretends to be engaged in information policy why Telegram channels undermine the “party policy”. And it turned out that in the direction of Telegram, as they say, “Kolomoisky did not lie around.” And Minister Tkachenko is used to working with the owners on the principle of “What do you want?” It suited Kolomoisky, the Party of Regions was fine, Zelensky’s office was fine until recently.

The leadership of the OP asked for a responsible official, and Tkachenko could only come up with the idea of ​​inviting anonymous administrators … “to the basement.”

But which of the administrators in their right mind will come to the minister, who boasted to the whole of Ukraine how he “breaks through the knee” and demands from world corporations “not to let and ban” objectionable media?

Stupid idea Tkachenko? But this is the maximum that this minister is capable of.

But the leaders of the OP asked a question, so the Minister of Information Policy is doing what creates the appearance of work in the form of a “struggle of“ green ”Nanai boys …”

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