Information about the living conditions of orphans in foster families will be entered into the Data Bank

The Federal Data Bank of Orphans contains information about such children, as well as about citizens deprived of parental rights. At the same time, various information regarding the deprivation, restriction or restoration of parental rights is posted in the Unified State Social Security Information System. But it is now impossible to exchange materials electronically between these state systems. The bill, which the State Duma adopted on March 21 in the first reading, is called to change the situation. The parliamentarians also approved a draft law on issuing certificates to orphans for the purchase of residential premises in the property or for the repayment of a mortgage.

Online and without duplicates

The database of orphans was created for Russians who want to adopt a child. There is information about orphans, as well as about citizens who have been deprived or limited in parental rights.

There is the same information in the Unified State Social Security Information System. In both systems, they are brought in by employees of guardianship and guardianship bodies, in fact, doing double work. After all, now there is no way to transfer materials from one state system to another. The government bill, which was presented at the plenary session of the State Duma by the Secretary of State – Deputy Minister of Education, should change the situation for the better. Andrey Korneev. He said that this would help improve the work of the automated information system Data Bank on orphans. “The system has been operating since 2013 and is designed to store information about children who can be placed in foster families. The planned changes will make it possible, if necessary, to transfer information from the bank to the Unified State Social Security Information System or the Federal Register of Disabled People, ”the official explained.

The bill also states that information from the acts of surveying the living conditions of children in foster families will also be entered into the data bank. According to the deputy minister, we are not talking about introducing additional control, because guardianship workers are still conducting inspections, we are talking about the fact that this information will be stored and transferred between state systems in electronic form. The changes will also help eliminate duplication of data that employees have to enter both in the data bank and in the unified social security system.

Korneev also spoke about another important nuance of the draft law: “The document will ensure the interaction of the data bank with the portal of state and municipal services, this will allow people to declare their desire to adopt a child into a family without a personal visit to the guardianship and guardianship authorities.”

According to the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Nina Ostanina, the adoption of the law will make it possible to control how children live who are taken to be brought up in a family. So that it does not happen like in one of the settlements of Khakassia, when children from a foster family were already working in the garden at five in the morning. “In a sense, this is also a moral law,” the deputy says.

Will a certificate help?

How to solve the issue of providing orphans with housing, touched upon another bill of the Cabinet, also adopted by the State Duma in the first reading. This document was also submitted to the parliamentarians for consideration by the Secretary of State – Deputy Minister of Education Andrey Korneev. He noted that, according to the Unified State Social Security Information System, 298,000 orphans aged 14 and over in Russia now need housing. At the same time, 10 billion rubles annually are provided for these purposes for 2023 and 2024.

But in many regions, orphans wait for their square meters for several years. Therefore, the Government proposes to provide those who have reached the age of 23 and by this time have successfully socialized in society, the right to payment for the purchase of housing or the full repayment of a mortgage loan in the form of a certificate.

“This will enable the subjects to provide persons from among orphans with housing not only by actually providing apartments of a specialized housing stock, but also by providing a payment certified by a certificate,” Korneev assured the parliamentarians.

Young people will be able to use the money to purchase an apartment in the property or to fully repay the mortgage. Moreover, the funds will be immediately sent to the seller’s account so that potential scammers do not have the opportunity to deceive orphans.

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