Information about past birth is available from the left hand of men, know what palm line astrology says

Palmistry Astrology. Palmistry in India has thousands of years old history and long research and literature has been written on this subject. In such a situation, which person’s hand should be seen, this has also been explained in detail in palmistry. However, there is also a lot of controversy regarding this topic.

what does the right hand of men say

Some scholars are of the opinion that through the right hand of a man, personality, character, nature

And the information of past, future and present is received. On the other hand, information about the personality, nature and character of the concerned person’s wife is obtained through the left hand.

why women left hand

According to palmistry, the left hand of women represents their personality and nature and the right hand gives information about their husband’s qualities, nature and personality etc.

Men’s left hand gives information about previous birth

According to palmistry, the left hand of a man gives information about his previous birth and the right hand gives information about his present birth. Similarly, the left hand of women is related to the present and the right hand is related to the previous birth. According to some scholars, the left hand of both men and women is the symbol of the fruits of their previous births.

differences among scholars

There is also a deep difference of opinion among palmists regarding gender discrimination. Whose hand should be seen in this regard. The following rules have also been made for its decision –

The right hand of adult men should be seen.

Self-supporting women should also see their right hand.

– Both the hands of boys/girls below the age of one year should be seen or the more developed hand should be seen with priority.

Old people should also see both hands. The left hand of subordinate men should be given priority.

– The right hand of cruel, self-supporting, brave, high self-esteem women should be seen.

– The person whose hand is more active should be seen only.


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