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Indore News: Sex racket in Indore hotel, two girls and eight boys of Hyderabad were caught

Police raided a hotel in Indore and arrested 10 boys including two girls. Both the girls are residents of Hyderabad. Living in Indore, she was running a sex racket. Police is questioning everyone.


  • Sex racket exposed in a hotel near Bombay Hospital in Indore
  • Police caught two girls from Hyderabad from hotel
  • 8 boys also arrested from hotel, interrogation of all continues
  • According to the police, the role of the hotel owner in this case is also suspicious.

After Bhind, the police has also exposed sex racket in MP’s Indore. Taking a major action, the police raided the hotel located near Bombay Hospital and arrested two girls and eight youths from the spot. According to the information received, a sex racket was being operated in a hotel located in Lasudia police station area.

The police have started interrogation by taking eight youths and two girls into custody in this whole case. According to the information, two girls were operating a sex racket in Indore after coming from Hyderabad, due to which the police is engaged in interrogation. At the same time, investigation is being done on the basis of the mobile numbers of the girls so that the truth of the whole matter can come out. The role of the hotel operator in this entire matter is also under doubt.

The child ran behind to save the kite string, the breath stopped as soon as the feet slipped
Therefore, the police is investigating from every angle. Former Indore SP Ashutosh Bagri said that the police had received information that two girls have come from Hyderabad and are operating a sex racket here. At the same time, he told that people at the local level are involved in this entire racket. Police have raided this morning and detained two girls and eight people, who are being interrogated. Police is also investigating about mobile call details and payment transactions.

Boys used to come to the hotel by paying six thousand, police caught six red handed along with four girls
He told that the girls were staying in a hotel near Bombay Hospital. At the same time, the role of the hotel operator in this case is also considered suspicious and the police interrogation is going on. Along with this, the police is also trying to find out which people their wires are related to in Indore.


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