Indoor plants need additional lighting in winter

In winter, indoor plants need special care. President of the Association of Russian Florists Valentina Safronova told about what can harm plants.

“In winter, due to a lack of lighting, some indoor plants slow down their growth, others, on the contrary, begin to stretch, reach for the light, and their appearance becomes, let’s say, not very presentable. Therefore, the main thing that indoor plants need is additional illumination” , said florist in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The florist advises cutting back on watering houseplants in the winter, as failing to do so increases the risk of root rot. Most plants need to be watered once a week. Moreover, watering should be phased – in small portions in three visits. Safronova also recalled that in winter the rooms become dry due to the operation of central heating batteries, and many plants need high humidity. To solve this problem, the florist advises using special humidifiers. But if this is not possible, then you can put some kind of container with water on the battery so that the water evaporates and increases the humidity.

The expert also added that if the room is too hot, the plants may suffer from pests. One of the dangerous pests is the spider mite. Most often, citrus fruits suffer from it. In winter, citrus fruits need good lighting and a fairly cool room. Also, plants are harmed by such a pest as a mealybug, summed up Safronova.

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