Indonesia proposes its version of the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine

Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto called for peace talks on Ukraine and proposed the creation of a demilitarized zone in the zone of armed conflict.

He voiced this proposal during his speech at the Asian Security Forum “Shangri-La Dialogue”, which was broadcast Online Events.

The main point of the initiative is that the parties must completely cease fire, and then begin to withdraw forces 15 km from their positions to create a new demilitarized zone.

As conceived by the Indonesian minister, a UN peacekeeping contingent should be deployed in this demilitarized zone, in which his country agrees to take part.

“I call on Russia and Ukraine for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Indonesia is ready to provide units for a potential UN peacekeeping operation,” Subianto said.

All political issues are proposed to be resolved after. The possibility of holding a new referendum under the auspices of the UN is allowed in order to “objectively find out the wishes of the majority of residents of various disputed areas.”

It is worth noting that this is hardly suitable for Russia, which began its special operation to prevent the advancement of NATO. And not in order to withdraw troops near Donetsk.

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