Home News Indigenous community seizes land near Alerce Andino National Park

Indigenous community seizes land near Alerce Andino National Park


 Indigenous community seizes land near Alerce Andino National Park

An indigenous community, of Huilliche descent, seized land that is located near Alerce National Park in the Los Lagos region.

About 60 people, of Huilliche descent, who live on a property near the Alerce Andino National Park, Los Lagos region, which is located in the Correntoso sector, which they claim as ancestral land.

Radio Bío Bío went to the place to know the sector that is occupied. A fence of barbed wire surrounds the place and in the background you can see the construction of a house, with precarious materials, such as blue and black nylon.

A series of flags show that the place is inhabited by ancestral ethnic groups. Radio wanted to talk to them, but they did not agree to be recorded, either in images and less so in audio.

Moreover, they were asked to provide their cell phone. Faced with the refusal, they asked that the teams be left far away, under a bush.

After that, they spoke very little, limiting themselves only to answering -when asked to make a interview- which could be another day, because they did not know about the arrival of a team from La Radio to see the place and the respective attempt at dialogue.

At the end of the conversation with Andrés Guilquiruca, he provided his telephone number to coordinate a visit, where a conversation could take place.

The Presidential delegate of Los Lagos, Giovanna Moreira, said that The land where the community is located is fiscal, but the respective dialogues must be carried out in the corresponding institutional instances.

At the end of the conversation with the community installed in the place was heard sounds of horns, which realized that the dialogue had ended.

Behind the trees, it was possible to see them watching and blowing their horns as the La Radio team moved away.

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