Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in America to discuss very serious issues. But on Friday, talks with US President Joe Biden began in a very light-hearted manner. During this, the US President was seen discussing with PM Modi about his and Vice President Kamala Harris’s ancestors being Indians.

and both the heads of state laughed
After the formal greeting, as the two leaders sat down to talk, Prime Minister Modi started talking about the Biden surname in India. He said, “You mentioned the Biden surname in India. I have tried to find many documents related to this. I have also brought many of these documents with me. Maybe you can take this matter forward.” On hearing this, US President Joe Biden laughed.
In 2013, Biden had told about connection with India
Significantly, in 2013, when Biden was the Vice President of America, he came to Mumbai. He had said in an event that some of his far-flung relatives live in the financial capital of India. At the same time, in 2015, at a program in Washington, he had said that after becoming a senator in 1972, he had received a letter from a relative in India. It was revealed that one of the ancestors of his family worked in the East India Company. Biden had said that five members of the Biden family live in Mumbai. Joe Biden had said that someone had also given him the phone numbers of the Biden family living in Mumbai. He told the audience that he had not spoken yet but that he was looking forward to doing so.

Leslie Biden wrote a letter to Joe Biden
Actually, the letter to Joe Biden was written by Leslie Biden of Nagpur. His great-grandsons live in Nagpur. The letter claimed that his family has been living here since 1873. Leslie’s great-granddaughter Sonia Biden Francis is a psychiatrist in Nagpur. Sonia said that Leslie Biden lived in Nagpur and was the manager of Bharat Lodge and Hostel, and Bharat Cafe. He died in 1983. Sonia said that ‘Leslie came to know about the then Senator Joe Biden by reading the issue of Illustrated Weekly of India from March 28-April 4, 1981. Sonia had said that on April 15, 1981, Leslie wrote a letter to Joe Biden. Joe Biden replied on 30 May 1981 in which he said that he was very happy to see the letter from India and asked about Biden’s genealogy. Sonia’s elder brother and former Merchant Navy employee Ian Biden (44) also lives in Nagpur.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ mother also mentioned
During this, Joe Biden also discussed the India connection of Vice President Kamala Harris. Referring to Kamala Harris’ mother, she said that she was from India. He told that the mother of the Vice-President was also a well-known scientist. Biden further said that in today’s time people need to be calm and tolerant. Also, on relations with India, Biden said that our partnership is growing even more than before.

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