A Chinese soldier has been arrested by the Indian Army amidst the Indo-China border dispute in eastern Ladakh. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has confirmed that one of its jawans has ‘disappeared’ on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on Sunday night.

China has now requested the Indian Army to return its soldier as per protocol. The Indian Army said on Monday that it captured a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army in the Demchok sector of East Ladakh on Monday when he had wandered off the LAC. The soldier has been identified as a colonel.

Indian army caught Chinese soldier in Ladakh

The Chinese Army has requested the Indian Army to inquire about the whereabouts of its missing soldier towards the PLA. This incident of capturing this soldier has come to light in the tension between the ongoing border between India and China in East Ladakh where both countries have made heavy deployment of their troops and weapons.

Chinese army requested help from Indian Army
Colonel Zhang Shuili, a spokesman for the Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command, issued a statement on the missing PLA soldier on the night of 18 October. It has been said in the statement that one of our soldiers went missing when he was helping a shepherd find his lost yak that night. The Chinese military spokesman has not identified the missing soldier in his statement.

Indian Army will help find Chinese soldier

Spokesperson Colonel Zhang also said in the statement that soon after the incident, the Chinese border guards had informed the Indian Army about this and hoped that the Indian Army would help in finding and rescuing the Chinese soldier. . Chinese spokesman Zhang said that the Indian Army had promised to help find the missing Chinese soldier and also promised to return the Chinese soldier after finding him. He said that the Indian Army had assured the Chinese Army that the Chinese soldier would be returned after medical examination.

Chinese spokesman Zhang said that we hope that the Indian side will honor its commitments, transfer the missing soldier to China immediately, work with China to promote the implementation of the seventh round of military commander-level talks and joint Will keep peace in the border areas. It is worth mentioning that the army has told that the Chinese soldier has been identified as Corporal Wang or Lang. He has also been provided with necessary medical help including oxygen, food and warm clothes.


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