In the United States Presidential Election, ’s candidate and former Vice President has said that should work towards the restoration of the rights of all Kashmiris. He also spoke against the implementation of the in and , expressing disappointment.

According to a recent policy paper, Joe Biden’s Agenda for the Muslim American Community, posted on Biden’s campaign website, “These steps are in keeping with the old tradition of secularism and maintaining multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy in the country.” Are inconsistent. Following these comments, a group of Hindu Americans approached Biden’s campaign to express their displeasure over the language used against India and requested him to reconsider it. The group to bring a similar policy paper on Hindu Americans

Biden’s campaign has not answered questions in this regard. His policy paper states that he understands the pain of American Muslims over what is happening in Muslim-majority countries and countries with a large Muslim population. Simultaneous detention and atrocities against Rohingya Muslim minorities in Myanmar have been mentioned together.

The policy paper further said, “The Government of India should take necessary steps to restore the rights of all the people of . Stopping peaceful demonstrations or shutting down the internet weakens democracy. “It was also pointed out,” The Government of India took Joe Biden to implement the National Register of Citizens in Assam and what happened thereafter and the revised citizenship law. Frustrated with the steps taken by it.”

According to the paper, Biden has been considered one of the good friends of India and Indian-Americans for decades as a lawmaker and holding the office of Vice President for eight years under Barack Obama. He played a key role in bringing the Indo- civil nuclear deal and as Vice President advocated increasing bilateral trade by $ 500 billion every year.

Biden’s supporter Ajay Jain Bhutoria told PTI-language, “Biden issues affecting India, cross-border terrorism issues, cross-border terrorism in Kashmir, Hindu minority in Kashmir, Indo-Pacific region with China I understand India’s growing role as a strong ally of the US in all areas including issues and economic growth, the fight against terrorism, the fight for human rights, climate change and global security. ”

He said the US recently withheld H-1B and other visas to protect its employees. India also has the right to define immigration policy in support of its population and economy.

“I have grown up in Guwahati, Assam and I have seen a large number of people coming from across the border and snatching important jobs, resources from the local people in the northeastern states,” he said.


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