india lost number 1 in icc odi rankings, after defeating india got the biggest shock, it was time to lose all that was won – india has lost the top position in icc odi rankings, australia became number one team News WAALI

New Delhi: India suffered a shock defeat in the third ODI. But a bigger blow has come to India after the game. Because it is now the Indian team’s turn to lose what they have earned so hard.

In the third match, India needed 270 runs. India got off to a good start in this game. Rohit and Shubman gave the team a strong start. But Rohit was dismissed for 30 and Gill for 37 and India suffered a double blow. But after that, Virat Kohli had reclaimed the team’s innings. Kohli also completed his half century. So, it was believed that the Indian team would win this match. But Kohli was dismissed while hitting a big shot and the match turned around. After Kohli’s dismissal, Australia rallied well and denied India a win. But after this defeat, the Indian team has lost its crown.

Before the start of this match, the Indian team was at the top of the ICC ODI rankings. But India lost this match and it has hit them hard. Because after this loss, their highest ranking has gone green. India has lost its top ranking due to the loss. Now Australia has won this top position from India. Because now the Australian team has 113 points in this position. India has also got 113 points in this ranking. But Australia have played less matches than India and that has benefited them. Australia has scored 113 points in 35 matches and India have to play 47 matches to earn the same 113 points. Because of this, Australia have scored more points in fewer games and that is why they have been given the highest ranking by the ICC.

Virat Kohli was very impressed by Pakistan’s net bowler game

India had earned this top position with a lot of hard work. But India lost the series. They have lost two games in a row and lost their top spot.

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