After abolishing the 10-day quarantine rule in Britain for vaccinated Indian travelers, now India has also shown leniency. India has also withdrawn the new travel advisory issued on October 1 for travelers coming from the UK, which simply means that travelers coming from the UK no longer need to stay in India for 10 days. Now only the rules issued on 17 February will apply to passengers coming from Britain.

A statement in this regard has been issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday. According to the old rules, it is necessary for travelers coming from the UK to show a negative-RTPCR report. This report should not be older than 72 hours. Along with this, there is also a provision for immediate isolation of the person concerned in case of symptoms of infection in thermal screening at the airport.

Let us tell you that the UK had issued new travel rules from 4 October. Under this, passengers taking Oxford-AstraZeneca’s Corona vaccine did not need to be quarantined, but Britain did not give this exemption to those taking India’s Kovidhield vaccine, while both vaccines are made on the same formula. That is, for Indian passengers taking both doses, a 10-day quarantine was mandatory on reaching Britain. India had strongly objected to this and India had also retaliated by not changing the rules of Britain and made a 10-day quarantine mandatory for those coming from the UK.

However, Britain changed the rules again from 11 October and now the 10-day quarantine rule has been abolished for passengers who have taken both doses of the Kovidshield vaccine. After this, India has also withdrawn the changed rules from October 1.

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