Indap develops a meeting between the national leadership and representatives of 19 peasant organizations

 INDAP holds a meeting between the national leadership and representatives of 19 peasant organizations

The meeting took place in Santiago and was headed by the national director of INDAP, Santiago Rojas. During the day, the progress made in the main institutional programs during their execution was analyzed.

In the framework of the collaborative work with the Institute for Agricultural Development(Indap) promotes the development of small national agriculture, a working day was held in Santiago between this service of the Ministry of Agriculture and the peasant organizations of national representation.

The meeting, headed by the national director of Indap, Santiago Rojas, had the participation of his team of advisors, heads of programs and units of the Development Division and representatives of the 19 Peasant Organizations.

The working session had as objective to analyze the advances that the main institutional programs exhibit in their execution; It was also the opportunity to exchange visions and opinions regarding the future challenges of these instruments and promote joint participatory work towards 2023.

The meeting is part of the space for dialogue and exchange that traditionally is managed by Indap’s national organization argues with the national peasant organizations, known internally as the G-19.

A commitment emanating from these conversations was the opening of a space for reflection on the current status of the different programs and the main commitments that the Promotion Division planned for these instruments during 2023.

The national director of the institution recalled the presidential mandate to implement “participatory management and what we do here is open the heart of Indap, the Development Division and its programs, discuss what we are doing and where we are going, so that the organizations peasants are informed, have participation and an informed link with us.”

In addition, Rojas reviewed the “approval of resources in the 2023 Budget for the creation of two new instruments: the Promotion Program and Strengthening the Sustainable Production of Traditional Crops, which promotes the planting of legumes, potatoes, rice and corn, and the Program for the Transition to Sustainable Agriculturethat will support peasants interested in moving towards a cleaner agriculture with less environmental impact.”

 Indap holds meeting between national management and representatives of 19 peasant organizations

Institute for Agricultural Development

New challenges for INDAP

At the meeting, in which close to 50 people participated, the professionals from the Promotion Division in charge of different units presented a detail of the indicators and achievements that to date show, for example, the Marketing Program and its instruments such as the Red de Mercados Campesinos, the Red de Tiendas Mundo Rural, and the initiatives of Fairs and Short Circuits such as ExpoMundoRural and Expo Chile Agrícola.

Other of the challenges that Indap has assumed is to resume the technical direction of the Local Development Program (Prodesal) and the Indigenous Territorial Development Program (PDTI), optimize their management in coordination with the executing entities, improve the working conditions of the extension teams , as well as promote a change to its regulations that allows the increase in the maximum amounts of advice and technique.

Kiria Antileo, president of the Mapuche Newenche National Association, appreciated that the national direction of INDAP takes this agenda: “This is how we see what progress is being made. There is more fluid delivery of information. I think that, in one way or another, the bases are being reached; that is good: there is feedback.”

The Development Division’s main objective is to lead the design and implementation of productive development services and instruments, ensuring the planning, execution, and supervision of institutional resources, considering current government guidelines on risk management and internal control.

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