Increasing the number of foresters in the Russian Federation will help in the fight against fires

In the spring, several regions of the country were engulfed in severe forest fires that not only damaged infrastructure, but also claimed the lives of more than 20 people. Specialists coped with the elements, but to help determine the cause of the fire in Russia, it would be necessary to increase the number of foresters. This opinion in conversation with said Vladimir Burmatov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

He explained that there is a catastrophic shortage of foresters in Russia now, but their help in establishing the causes of natural fires would be very tangible. At the same time, there is no talk of creating a new body that would investigate the causes of forest fires.

“We have several times turned to our colleagues in the government with proposals to increase the number of forest rangers. Here, forest rangers could provide assistance, because these are the eyes and ears of our forests, which are now sorely lacking. They could provide assistance in terms of testimonies and invoices, confirming certain crimes, deputy explained.


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