In Zabaikalsk, the driver tied the dog with a chain to the car and dragged it along the highway

An SUV driver in the village of Zabaikalsk chained a dog to the bumper of a car and dragged it along the road. An indifferent eyewitness who filmed what was happening was able to stop the flayer. The police of the Trans-Baikal Territory opened a criminal case.

The man driving the SUV began to make excuses, saying that he was forced to do so. The passenger of the Toyota Land Cruiser also intervened in the dialogue, who began to be rude to the driver who stopped their car. The head of the information and public relations department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alena Furmanova, said that the police organized a check after the video appeared on social networks. The identity of the driver and owner of the injured animal was quickly established.

“The woman explained that she had taken the dog from a friend and was taking it to the livestock parking lot for protection. It’s something like a farm. She was afraid to put the animal in the salon. Therefore, the dog was tied to the bumper,” Furmanova said in an interview with TV channel “360”.

The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also added that the dog survived. As a result, after the check, a criminal case was initiated on the fact of cruelty to animals.


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