In Yaroslavl, police are studying an incident where a taxi driver beat a man and a woman


Police - 1920, 12/04/2021

YAROSLAVL, 4 Dec – Police are investigating the circumstances of an incident near a shopping center in Yaroslavl, where, according to the video, the driver of a car, presumably a taxi, beat a man and a woman lying on the ground.
A video appeared on social networks of a man beating two people lying on the ground next to a parked car in Yaroslavl on Pobeda Street near the Aura shopping and entertainment center in the evening. According to the video, passers-by run up to the scene of the incident and stop the batter, after which he gets into the car. As indicated in social networks with reference to eyewitnesses, a man wielding fists – a taxi driver who gave a lift to a couple, a woman, getting out of the car, began to kick her, which allegedly angered the driver, both passengers were drunk.
“In Yaroslavl, the police are investigating the circumstances of the incident on Pobedy Street. The participants have been identified,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl Region said.


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