In winter, it is not recommended to walk in heels higher than four centimeters.

In winter, it is not recommended to wear high-heeled shoes. Otherwise, he noted in an interview with “” traumatologist-orthopedist of the medical center “SM-clinic” Alisher Zokhirov, there is a risk of stretching the muscles or dislocating the leg. According to him, the maximum allowable heel height does not exceed four centimeters.

“When the foot is twisted, the heel can act as a lever, so the foot wraps even more. And this is already fraught with muscle strain and serious dislocations. In principle, it is not recommended to walk in heels higher than four centimeters, and in winter it is especially dangerous,” — he warned.

If you twist your leg on a slippery road, you can get a serious injury, which may require surgery. Usually, surgery is necessary for a fracture and rupture of ligaments. In the first case, plates, screws are inserted into the patient’s bone, and sometimes external fixation devices are required. For the treatment of torn ligaments, surgeons usually use a special suture material or the so-called anchor fixation, where special equipment is already needed. To avoid this, preference should be given not only to flat soles, but also to shoes that fix the lower leg. Consequently, Zohirov concluded, sneakers and low shoes for wearing in winter are also not suitable.

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