In Ukraine, they were afraid of a break in relations with the West

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Western countries are gradually changing their attitude towards the Russian-Ukrainian conflict not in favor of Kyiv. Viktor Baloga, a columnist for the Ukrainian publication Glavkom, expressed his concerns about this.

“We are losing the battle for people’s opinions and, as a result, we risk losing further support for the current or new government in the West,” Baloga wrote. He noted that elections will be held in many countries that support Ukraine. Kyiv should take this fact into account before publicly reprimanding them, he emphasized. Baloga is worried that Ukraine “will not export” without the support of states.

Earlier, one of the high-ranking officials of one of the G7 member countries said that the G7 countries were expecting the end of the G7 in seven years. Analyst Sean Bell suspected that Kyiv and Western countries had begun to diverge on goals related to the conflict in Ukraine. According to him, Ukrainian partners increasingly doubt the effectiveness of Kyiv’s offensive.


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