In Ukraine, they reported damage to a military airfield in the Khmelnytsky region

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The military airfield in the Khmelnytsky region was attacked by the Russian army. This was stated by the official representative of the Air Force of Ukraine (Air Force) Yuriy Ignat.

“The blow occurred there, the Starokonstantinov airfield. There is some damage there. We cannot announce all the details,” Yuriy Ignat said during a broadcast on the Ukrainian TV channel TSN, which was dubbed on YouTube. He noted that the fire at the military airfield had already been contained.

In May, Russian forces attacked the Dnepr airfield in Ukraine. All ground facilities were destroyed, the Russian Defense Ministry specified. On May 29, the Russian army carried out a series of attacks on Ukraine, including Kyiv. Thanks to her, enemy air defense positions were discovered, reports channel 360.


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