In Ukraine, the battalion commander was demoted, who complained to journalists from the United States about inexperienced soldiers

The battalion commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who complained to American journalists about the large number of inexperienced soldiers and serious losses, was demoted. This is reported by the publication “Ukrainian Truth”.

“The commander of the battalion of the 46th separate airmobile brigade with the call sign “Kupol” is being transferred from the post of commander of a combat battalion to the position of deputy commander of a training center battalion after a critical interview with the American newspaper The Washington Post, — writes the publication.

According to journalists, the military did not agree with this decision and filed a letter of resignation.

Some time ago, an American newspaper published an interview with a Ukrainian battalion commander, who stated that there were many inexperienced fighters in the troops, who, moreover, were running away from their positions. He also noted that during the year, out of 500 soldiers of his battalion, about 100 were killed and 400 were injured, as a result, he remained the only professional soldier in the formation.


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