in Ukraine, borscht has risen in price by a third — EADaily, March 1, 2023 — Economy news, Russian News

Rising prices in Ukraine increased the cost of the “borscht set” by about 30%. Such a rise in price cannot but disturb Ukrainians, for whom the components of this set are sometimes almost essential products, as reported by the Ukrainian Channel Five.

“The price of basic products, the so-called “borscht set”, has increased. According to the State Statistics Service, prices for basic products increased by 30% compared to January 2022,” – says the plot of the TV channel.

In terms of rubles, the cost of a kilogram of carrots in Ukraine increased on average from 29 to 51 rubles. Pork has risen in price from 250 to 342 rubles. And onions rose in price from 29 to 82 rubles. Hence the above 30%.

EADaily recalls that the head of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council Denis Marchuk previously reported on the impact on the cost of the “borscht set” of electricity prices. Manufacturers and suppliers in Ukraine are increasingly switching to generators, without which stable operation is not very real.

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