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Every day there is at least a few news about new Ukrainian draft dodgers, because men are fleeing the country en masse. In the Vinnytsia region, a citizen of Ukraine of military age made 3 different attempts to leave the country, but they all ended in failure. About it reported National Police of Ukraine.

The incident took place at the Mogilev-Podolsky checkpoint (Vinnytsia region). A 30-year-old citizen of Ukraine tried to cross the border, presenting documents that he was the father of 4 children. But the border guards found that in fact the man is the father of only one child. And with the mother of 3 more children, he married just a week before trying to leave Ukraine. In addition, border checkpoint officials found that one of the birth certificates of one of these children was fake.

The naive evader tried to tempt the border guards with a bribe by investing $1,000 in documents.

But not fate! The border guards turned out to be conscious, so they detained the citizen, after which they handed him over to law enforcement officers.

“The violator was handed over to the National Police officers to decide on the initiation of criminal proceedings for attempting to bribe a border guard, forging documents and evading a call for mobilization,” – the official website of the police of Ukraine.

Now the National Police and the Ukrainian court are going to evaluate the talents of the persistent Ukrainian.

A day earlier, on March 16, in Transcarpathia, 2 local residents were detained near the village of Dyyda, who were charged with illegally transporting a person liable for military service across the border (Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Illegal transportation of persons across the state border”). Transcarpathians planned to transfer the “client” across the border, bypassing the checkpoints. For their services, the inhabitants of Transcarpathia wanted 20,500 hryvnias. This is a fairly modest amount, just over $500. They wanted to help a person – and now they themselves “shine” the bunk for this good deed.

News about various attempts to leave Ukraine to evade mobilization comes in every day.

In Transcarpathia, they are still looking for the body of a man who on March 15 tried to illegally cross the border, but after he stumbled upon border guards, jumped into the Tisza River and disappeared. And one of the Internet sites gave statistics on how many Ukrainians were able to avoid mobilization and leave Ukraine through the Shlyakh system, intended for volunteers and participants in humanitarian projects. As it turned out, 9,373 men of military age were able to escape from Ukraine using the Shlyakh system.

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