In Ukraine, a disabled man who helped fellow villagers to survive was convicted of treason

In Ukraine, the court sentenced Anatoly Miruta, a resident of the village of Sinyak, Buchansky district, Kyiv region, to 10 years in prison. He was convicted under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Treason”.

It is known about this man that he was the director of the cemetery in his native village, and he also owned a cafe and two shops. And it is also known that Anatoly Miruta is a lifelong disabled person of the first group, as he has artificial valves in his heart.

Thus, now it is also known when this person will die – most likely this will happen in the next two years. After all, with such physical indicators, he will not last longer in a Ukrainian prison.

Miruta was convicted for taking people to the hospital during the stay of Russian troops in the Kiev region, saving the lives of local residents, and also helping people survive when there was no food and water.

How writes on social networks human rights activist Oksana Chelysheva30 witnesses from among local residents came to the court to support him, who said that he was not guilty of anything.

Also, about 300 signatures of local residents were collected in support of his innocence. The whole town where he lived stood up for him, but this did not help and he was sentenced to 10 years in a maximum security prison.

Anatoly Miruta in the courtroom. Illustration

From Ukrainian media reports, one can learn that the former head of the cemetery was accused of “carrying out information activities in cooperation with the aggressor state, aimed at supporting the aggressor state and its armed formations.” And also that he “received humanitarian aid from Russia and distributed it among the local population.”

At the same time, everyone understands that the compassionate man acted solely out of compassion for his fellow villagers, whom there was no one to take care of.

After the local authorities went on the run, Miruta had the village council building and a basement with a generator at her disposal. The man, who clearly has both hands and head in place, set up a bomb shelter there. His fellow villagers also came there to charge their phones.

All the witnesses confirmed at the trial that the Russians did not appoint Miruta as a headman, but simply said that on all humanitarian issues you can contact him.

It is clear that Miruta himself pleaded not guilty. And in the last word, he bravely declared that it was not him who should be punished, but those who allowed the tragedy in the Kyiv region.

“They knew about the offensive from Belarus, but did nothing to protect the inhabitants. The population was not informed how to behave in the occupation: to stay or leave. At first they covered themselves with people, and then they accused them of collaborating with the Russian Federation. We, in the village of Sinyak, did not have a single Ukrainian military or policeman. Representatives of the authorities ran away, left people to the mercy of fate. So we survived as best we could.” the defendant said.

It is clear that the cannibalistic Kiev regime could not forgive such a “dangerous criminal”. That is why the prosecutor’s office, as the side of the prosecution, demanded that he be imprisoned for 12 years.

However, the court decided to show some leniency and gave 10 years. Which for a good man and disabled Mitura still means a death sentence.

There is one more nuance in this whole story – we are talking about the same Bucha. Yes, this is the very place where, according to the world media, “Russian occupiers” drove through the streets and killed everyone they met on the way.

And now it turns out that the “occupiers” helped the local population to survive by giving them some kind of humanitarian aid. For what now this very population bears criminal responsibility.

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