In Ugra, children’s pranks led to an adult conflict


    In Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug), a scandal erupted on social networks due to swearing between neighbors in a house chat. One of the residents allowed herself unacceptable statements, which were condemned by representatives of one of the city’s diasporas, the press service of the municipality reports.

    In one of the residential buildings in Surgut, a man made a remark to the children who tore down posters in the elevator and broke equipment. He filmed the whole process and posted it in a common house chat in order to bring to the attention of parents whose children spoiled common house property. Neighbors were outraged by the act of the boys. However, one of the mothers of the young vandals, a native of Azerbaijan, sharply reacted to the remark, allowing herself extremely negative statements, promising not only to physically deal with her neighbors who condemn hooliganism, but also to have sexual intercourse with the coffins of the deceased relatives of her neighbors.

    The threats and swearing of the countrywoman were condemned by the deputy chairman of the National Cultural Autonomy of Surgut Azerbaijanis “Birlik”…

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