In Ufa, the driver sued 270 thousand rubles for a hole in the road two years after the accident

In Ufa, a persistent car owner sued the road services for two years over a pit in which he damaged his car. According to SHOTthe man still managed to win the trial, but the losing side is already preparing an appeal.

According to the Telegram channel, 32-year-old Rustem Diveev bought a Mercedes two years ago, but soon had to sell the car due to a serious breakdown. He broke it, driving into a two-meter hole on Komsomolskaya Street. The car suffered damage to the wheels, bumper and bottom elements. At the same time, the road workers shifted the blame for what happened to the water utility, since there is a well in the pit. Vodokanal denied the accusations, and the city administration could not resolve the situation. Two years later, the court still ordered the company responsible for road repairs to reimburse the injured motorist 270 thousand rubles, but his defendants are ready to sue further.

“The stupidest thing in this situation is that I can still remain indebted. Although there was a pit, there was a car, I drove in, they proved that I did not violate traffic rules, the pit does not comply with GOSTs. This is all documented,” — told reporters Rustem.

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