In Ufa, the conflict between the visitors of the bar ended in a fight with the police


Several residents of Ufa accuse the police of attacking them, unjustifiably using force and taking them to the police station. This story began on the eve of March 8th. Then in one of the local bars there was a conflict between two companies resting there. It quickly died down, but it turned out that the bartender had already called the police.

Law enforcement officers, according to visitors to the institution, arrived and they were allegedly very angry that they had arrived in vain. It was then, according to the story of those who quarreled, that “police lawlessness” began.

“They were told that the conflict had been settled, that no one was going to write to anyone from the girls. But nevertheless, they did not agree with this. Without warning, they used physical force, motivating them with the fact that everyone must go to the department. <...> They started pulling on the jackets, they threw me to the ground, started beating me, kicking me, handcuffed me,” told Life one of the visitors.

According to an eyewitness, they refused to go to the department because the police did not show them their IDs. As a result, a couple who participated in the conflict had a lot of bruises and hematomas. Also, as they told Life, the employees broke their phones and tore their jackets. Husband and wife have already signed up. Everyone who did not want to follow the police station was fined 500 rubles. Meanwhile, the regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that visitors to the bar swore obscenities and grabbed police officers by their uniforms. Therefore, they had to be delivered to the department by force.

“In accordance with the Law “On Police”, physical force and special means were used against citizens. Administrative protocols were drawn up against those delivered, including for being in a public place in a state of intoxication”– the Ministry of Internal Affairs commented on the actions of the police officers who came to the call to the pub.

The police claim that on March 7 a fight was reported on Bakalinskaya Street. According to the signal, the action took place near a drinking establishment, the participants were about 15 people. To clarify all the circumstances, they were invited to go to the department, it is noted in the comments of the department, but two refused to go. At that time, there were no complaints about the employees from them, and they wrote statements after 4 days, indicating that all the bodily injuries were inflicted on them by law enforcement officers. At the moment, an internal audit has been carried out in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the materials of which have been sent to the Investigative Committee for a procedural decision.

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