In Tyumen politics, they are looking for a secret curator of a network of opposition publics

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In Tyumen politics, they are looking for a secret curator of the Pabliks network and Telegram channels that arrange a PR attack on local officials. All because of recent attacks on the director of the Health Department Natalya Loginov. This was reported to URA.RU by a source close to the Tyumen political party.

“A custom campaign was launched by the public “Overheard in Medicine”. He was the first to publish a post containing a message demanding the resignation of an official. Back in 2016, the group himself was led by the Department of Health, ”the insiders say.

The Department of Health of the Tyumen Region reported that they were currently not involved in the public. Who seized control of the group is unknown.

Sources believe that the same curator stands behind other Internet resources that have quickly connected to the spread of incriminating information. Among them is the well-known Tyumen telegram channel Lyapkin Z Tyapkin.

Prior to this, the head of the Tyumen Ministry of Internal Affairs Leonid Kolomets said that the agency closed groups dedicated to inciting enmity to a well -known youth movement. Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs identified 4 administrators of the Anti-Redan groups in Tyumen.


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