In Tyumen, plastic surgery is being played out for the New Year

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Until the end of the year, a number of drawings will be held in Tyumen, in which participants will be able to win valuable prizes – from a warm jacket and rolls to plastic surgery. URA.RU has made a selection of the most interesting competitions, where with a minimum of effort you have a chance to get great gifts.

Concert ticket raffle

The drawing for the concert of the singer Shaman will take place in February
The drawing for the concert of the singer Shaman will take place in February

Singer of Light will sing for free for three members of the group “Hands Up! Bar” on the social network “VKontakte”. To win tickets, in addition to subscribing, you also need to make a repost. And then the random number generator will decide “maybe not, maybe yes.” The first one will get three tickets, the other two will get two and one respectively. The results will be summed up on November 29, the concert itself will take place on December 9.

You can also win tickets to the Shaman concert on the VKontakte social network. All participants of the meeting there need only repost the entry with the terms of the competition and wait until February 15, 2024, when the results will be summed up.


The Roller delivery restaurant will give you six kilograms of sushi and rolls for one like. There will also be six winners – one kilogram for each. To do this, you need to like and leave a comment in the restaurant’s group on the VKontakte social network. The winners will be chosen on December 4th.

Any member of the VKontakte social network group “Chew Bouquets” will receive a handmade chocolate set on November 25th. Two more winners will receive discounts of up to 30% on their orders. The conditions are minimal – you need to be a member of several groups.


In addition to a men’s suit from an expensive brand, you can also win a jacket and a hoodie with a fleece
Photo: Denis Morgunov © URA.RU

The Who&Why brand is giving away warm hoodies with fleece and embroidery at the request of the winners. In addition to clothing, promotional codes and discounts of up to 20% are being given away. And all this without leaving home – like, repost, subscribe. The results will be announced on December 1st.

Outerwear store Furs Shop will give away a trench parka among the group’s subscribers on the VKontakte website. Two more winners will receive certificates for 5,000 and 3,000 rubles. Results – December 29.

The Kvalitelli men’s suit will be received by subscribers of the store group on the VKontakte website. To do this, you need to practice writing comments and repost. The most talented and elegant commentator will be chosen on December 29.


In honor of its tenth anniversary, the Tesla Burger restaurant chain is giving away a trip to Kaliningrad for five days. The drawing will be held among restaurant guests using checks. The prizes also include tangerines, merch and a smart speaker. The results will be announced on December 13.

Tyumen Hotel Vostok is playing out a romantic weekend in one of the rooms. In addition to accommodation, the winners receive breakfast in bed, dinner and wine. You can get all this by subscribing to the Visit Tyumen groups and the hotel itself. You also need a like, and in the comments indicate with whom you would like to spend this weekend. Results December 20.

A country house in the forest for a day will be awarded for a comment
Photo: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU

The Dream House company is ready to give you a day of rest on weekdays in one of its houses. In addition to liking, reposting and subscribing, you need to write in the comments with whom and why you want to relax. The results will be announced on December 1st.


The MiroMed clinic offers a 50% discount on any plastic surgery, except rhinoplasty, to subscribers of the group on the VKontakte website. It will be performed by a doctor with many years of experience. There will be one winner, and the rest of the drawing participants will receive a free consultation with a surgeon. Conditions: subscription, reposts and likes. The results will be announced live on the VKontakte social network on December 15.

A large-scale competition for the New Year was jointly launched by two stores (Euphoria and Beauty bomb), working in the field of sales of beauty items. There are 10 prizes and for each winner gifts will rain down from a cornucopia. Boxes with cosmetics, perfumes, car fragrances, manicure sets and discounts up to 20%. The results will be announced on the VKontakte website on December 27.

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