In Tyumen, a deputy was not allowed to promote himself on the disabled

Opening of the new building of gymnasium No. 120. Yekaterinburg, lift for the disabled, stairs, new building of gymnasium 120

Tyumen City Duma deputy Dmitry Elagin published a complaint from a disabled woman about the operation of the lift at the new school No. 56. But the deputy’s words are refuted by the school management – the equipment works and is used without problems. School director Olga Zhiderova told URA.RU about this.

“The school is modern and equipped with a vertical lift for the disabled. But the problem is that in snowy winter conditions, these lifts freeze and cannot be used,” Elagin wrote on his VKontakte account.

Elagin clarified that the equipment was installed according to the standards, but the designers did not take into account the operating conditions in the snowy winter. The deputy wrote that he would find a solution to the problem. Dmitry Elagin did not specify how the problem will be resolved.

The director of school No. 56, Olga Zhiderova, denied the deputy’s words. She told URA.RU in detail that the wheelchair lift works as standard, and in winter, wipers clear the area from snow to paving stones.

“According to our project, a ramp was made at the entrance to the primary school, and a lift at the central entrance. The yard is cleared of snow, there are no marks anywhere. The lift operates all year round – we have a boy in the 11th grade and uses it every day in a wheelchair. An assigned person helps to use it in such cases,” Olga Zhiderova clarified in a conversation with URA.RU.

It turned out that the disabled woman is the mother of a first-grader. She uses the ramp and lift regularly. The school director met with her and listened to her wishes.

“Mom just doesn’t like the lift. Although it is modern and picks up quickly, it just doesn’t appeal. She likes the ramp, she wants to be independent,” Olga Zhiderova told URA.RU.

The school director said that the lift comes with a 5-year warranty. The developer of the school, DSK, installed the equipment and complies with the terms of the warranty.

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