In the Voronezh region, a case was opened after the mass death of dogs in a shelter

Shelter for stray dogs - 1920, 23.10.2021

VORONEZH, 23 October – Police have opened a criminal investigation into the death of at least 13 dogs in a private animal shelter in Voronezh, a spokesman said. GUMVD by region.
Information about the death of animals in the private shelter “Dora” in Voronezh appeared on Friday in the local media and caused a stir. 16 dogs were reported killed. The police began to check the circumstances of the incident.
“Today, a criminal case was opened under Part 2 of Article 245 (Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) on the fact of the death of animals. The cause of death is being established. According to preliminary data, at least 13 animals died,” the source said. The article “Cruelty to animals” provides for up to five years in prison.
The owner of the Dora shelter, Yuri Shamarin, said that two more killed dogs were found on Saturday. “A total of 18,” he explained.
On the page of the shelter in the social network “In contact with“It is reported that” about 20 dogs were killed in one bloody night. “

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