In the Urals, a woman gave 200 thousand rubles to dentists, but instead of an implant she got festering jaw

A resident of Yekaterinburg complained about one of the local private dentistry, after an appointment in which her jaw began to rot. Tells the details of the story

As Elena Voroshina said, she turned to doctors back in 2019 – it was necessary to put an implant. True, after that it had to be removed, since the gum began to fester. As a result, the problems began to go away.

“After that, I decided to put the implant in again. Several clinics told me that this should not be done, but the Trismile clinic assured me that everything would be fine. I went there in August 2019. They removed the implant and put it in its place new”, – Voroshina noted.

However, after a while, her gums became inflamed again, purulent discharge appeared, and every day the woman woke up with a feeling of bitterness in her mouth. In response, the doctors urged her to continue rinsing her mouth with chlorhexidine and smearing her gums with anti-inflammatory ointment. However, all these measures did not help in any way, and the situation only worsened. After some time, she had to put another implant.

“The upper gum is inflamed and swollen. All this time, while I went for scheduled cleanings, dentists did not offer any solutions to the problem. Over these four years, I wasted about 200 thousand rubles for dental treatment,” the woman noted.

In March 2023, she decided to go to another clinic, where doctors discovered that the jaw itself began to fester, and the victim needed an urgent operation. Now the woman is looking for a surgeon and has already turned to a lawyer in the hope of sueing the previous clinic for 200 thousand rubles, which she spent on various procedures during all this time.

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