In the United States were going to decolonize Russia

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Russia throughout its history has subordinated the territory to the “dictatorship of Moscow and St. Petersburg”, so it needs to be “decolonized”. This was stated by publicist, political commentator Casey Michel.

“Russia has never had official colonies in Africa, Latin America or South Asia. It conquered and colonized Eurasia for centuries, extracting local wealth and subordinating the colonized peoples to the dictatorship of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The difference is that other European empires colonized across the ocean, and Russia colonized overland, seizing adjacent territories, ”Michel wrote in a Wall Street Journal column.

According to him, Russia will threaten global stability and security until it is completely decolonized. The author considers the Caucasus, Crimea, the Arctic, the territories from the Volga to the Pacific Ocean to be colonies of the Russian Federation. “And the Russian colonial campaigns are the conquest of countless peoples, the destruction of local cultures, the destruction of local sovereignty,” the publicist summed up.

Earlier, the proposal to decolonize Russia was made by the former President of Poland and the founder of the Solidarity party, Lech Walesa. He believes that the Russian Federation should be divided into nations, thereby reducing the population to 50 million people. He also calls for a change in the political system of Russia.

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