In the United States, they were afraid of a Russian tank “from the future”

The first training of a mechanized column for the Victory Parade.  Yekaterinburg, parade rehearsal, military equipment column, BMPT-2 terminator

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Russian Tank Support Fighting Vehicle (BMPT) Terminator is one of the most advanced weapon systems. It looks quite intimidating and futuristic. This opinion was made by 19fortyfive columnist Stavros Atlamazoglou.

“The BMPT Terminator armored fighting vehicle looks quite intimidating and futuristic. This platform is one of the most advanced weapons systems in the arsenal of the Russian military,” reports American journalist Stavros Atlamazoglou in material for 19fortyfive.

He notes that according to the “Terminator” is built on the basis of the chassis of the T-72 battle tank and is equipped with both anti-tank and anti-personnel weapons. According to him, the BMPT allows you to organize firepower to support mechanized infantry. At the same time, writes Atlamazoglou, this type of Russian military equipment can still be driven into a corner and destroyed.

In May of this year, it was reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet would be reinforced with new warships, writes VSE42.RU. Military expert Vasily Dandykin, in a conversation with a URA.RU correspondent, noted that Russian arms manufacturers use the experience of the army acquired during the NWO when developing new types of weapons. Thus, new types of ammunition are being developed. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia retains its status as one of the leaders in the world arms market, the business newspaper “Sight”. International observer Kim Myung-chul urged the world community to prepare for a Russian victory in the conflict in Ukraine.

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