In the United States, substances that cause cancer were found in the air of apartments


    The researchers reported that the air of apartments and some other rooms can be filled with hazardous substances that cause cancer.

    In addition, the hazardous component has been reported in kindergartens and shops. American researchers said that such substances are called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS). The identified PFAS contaminants are widely used in the processing of various products in production.

    It is noted that toxic substances have a huge level of persistence in the environment. Moreover, food and water are the main sources of PFAS exposure. This study has further proven that indoor air is another important source of exposure.

    According to scientists, PFAS have been found in almost all places where they were able to measure their content. The main question about a possible decrease in the level of a hazardous substance in the air remains open, since it can be reduced by replacing toxic items. However, their continued use in production will not stop the effect on the body, the scientists concluded.


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