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In the United States found the perpetrator of the explosions at the Nord Stream

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Damage to Nord Stream

The United States is to blame for the accidents at Nord Stream, Washington has been trying to sabotage their work for many years. This opinion was expressed by the American historian researcher Eric Zuesse.

“The fact that the US government blew up the Nord Stream, which stretches from Russia to Europe, after years of more cunning attempts to sabotage them through “diplomatic” ways, will force Europe to constantly overpay significantly,” Zuesse said in an interview with the Turkish Haber 7 TV channel. He said that Russia is a natural gas supplier for the European Union.

The accident at Nord Stream occurred at the end of September. There the pressure dropped and a gas leak was discovered. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Anglo-Saxons were to blame for the sabotage. The United States, Poland and Ukraine could be interested in what happened, quotes “Utro.ru»Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak. On Monday, a new gas leak was discovered on the pipelines, according to “reeduswith reference to the Swedish Coast Guard.


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