In the United States called the biggest weakness of Biden

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Mental health is the biggest weakness of US President Joe Biden, which is why the American leader’s public appearances often fail. This is stated by the senior editor of the publication 19FortyFive Harrison Kass.

“Joe Biden suffers from a stutter – and I clearly sympathize with this <…> However, let’s put this aside for a minute and focus on all of his speech and communication capabilities in general. Maybe that’s his biggest weakness?” — writes Cass. Referring to the opinion of professional speaker Rick Poznyak, the author notes that the US president “mumbles” a lot, uses “grandfather’s expressions”, and talks nonsense too often.

All this, according to the editor, affects Biden’s political career. Voters are so concerned about the age and intelligence of the American leader that they do not want him to participate in the fight for the presidency in 2024. “Biden is too old to be president,” Kass sums up.

Biden regularly makes the American public laugh with his performances. During a visit to the border city of El Paso, the US president described himself as a “secret intelligence agent” in Ukraine. He also urged the West to resist Kyiv’s “brutal aggression”. Biden also became lost in space after the completion of his speeches.

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