In the third district of the Ryazan region, an emergency mode was introduced due to forest fires


The state of emergency has been introduced in the Ryazan region, the third municipality of the Ryazan region, the Telegram channel Acting Governor Pavel Malkov.

“Due to adverse weather conditions, the fire hazard situation in the Ryazan region has become more complicated. Currently, 26 hectares are burning here. The decision was made to declare a state of emergency. All the forces and means necessary to extinguish the fire are involved,” Mr. Malkov explained.

Earlier, the state of emergency was introduced in the Spassky and Klepikovsky districts of the Ryazan region. The governor said that “if the situation worsens, including the strengthening of the wind or the transition of the fire to riding, the grouping of personnel and equipment will be strengthened.”

As of the morning of August 19, the fire spread to 180 hectares of forest in the Ryazan region. In total, fire covered an area of ​​6,000 hectares. The authorities of the region have developed a plan for the evacuation of residents in case the situation worsens. Gar and smog reached the central regions of Moscow the day before. According to Rosleskhoz, the authorities of the Ryazan region hid the real scale of forest fires, which did not allow the federal forces to build up in time.

For more information about fires in the Ryazan region, see Kommersant’s article “There is no smoke without catching up.”

Alexander Tikhonov, Yaroslavl


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