In the Sverdlovsk city, the memory of a soldier who died in the Northern Military District was immortalized. Photo

Funeral of Alexander Popov.  Sverdlovsk region, Polevskoy, order of courage, funeral, military funeral, soldier's funeral

In Irbit (Sverdlovsk region), a memorial plaque was installed on the house where fighter Sergei Lezhnin, who died during a special military operation, lived. This was reported on the telegram channel “Irbit Incident”.

“Mobilized in September 2022 from Irbit, Sergei Lezhnin. He died heroically on October 23, 2022 while performing tasks during the Northern Military District,” the Irbit Incident telegram channel reported.

In October 2022, a banner was erected in honor of the fighter on Ordzhonikidze Street. The soldier was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.


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